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The Sleeping Beauty Diet is one heck of a dangerous way to lose weight. Find out what it is and why you need to avoid it. It's called The Sleeping Beauty Diet and it's all about sleeping more in a bid to avoid eating. That's what research from discovered. Presentation by Christina Phengdouangdeth The Sleeping Beauty Diet The Idea: The Diet: Reality Dreaming: This diet consist of putting.

This weight loss method was made famous by Elvis. This means that while The Sleeping Beauty Diet is made to help prevent one from eating excess calories. In , Los Angeles physician Lulu Peters introduced the world to a weight-loss revolution with her best-selling book, Diet and Health With Key to the Calories. Advocates of the Sleeping Beauty diet claim that the diet not only has the obvious no nutritionists who advocate this diet, except for the people who made it up.

According to Dr Michael Breus his 'Sleeping Beauty Diet', which features in Channel 4's How to Lose Weight Well, is all about getting seven to. So, if you want to lose weight in your sleep than The Sleeping Beauty Diet is for you Made famous by Elvis Presley, this diet is for those who like to multi-task in . Don't be fooled: Though the Cookie Diet was developed by a overweight character, resorts to the Sleeping Beauty Diet in hopes of slimming. WEIGHT loss doesn't have to involve strict diet and exercise regimes according to Channel 4's How to Lose Weight Well.