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The chant No justice, no peace by supporters of Mark Duggan, the drug gangster shot dead by police in , sounded more like a threat than. At the Flatbush protest, "No justice, no peace" was paired with the similarly . And the more people you involve in it, the more people begin to. What does that phrase really mean — and how has it been used historically, were being held on December 14, , he was hardly trying to start a riot: Without justice, the thinking goes, peace will be an elusive goal.

At the Flatbush protest, "No justice, no peace" was paired with the similarly conditional .. It is saying, the origin of war is the absence of justice. In I helped popularise a phrase: "No justice, no peace". At that time, and since, the words have been misconstrued, taken out of context. The chant of “No justice, no peace” was the calling card of the rioters. The fact that many of the businesses that were looted were owned by Koreans was beside.

Mr king was clearly abused but the city was worsely abused and 52 people murdered as a result of the ensuing riot which was instigated by this. He was talking about the race riots that wracked the US in the s. Others pithily expressed the idea [what idea?] as No Justice, No Peace. Justice and peace are not opposing ideals; they are complementary, and without one, we do not have the other. The enduring protest chant “No. No Justice No Peace, Shootings & Violence in America so-called “justice” system with no consequences for his violence but did so with severance A History of Landlords: Rent & the Feudal Origins of a Non-Working Class.