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The National Wildlife Federation is a leader in the effort to keep Asian carp out of the Great The Asian carp aren't waiting on the study, and neither can we. In the s, fish farmers in the southern U.S. imported Asian carp to clean up scum in their catfish ponds. But in the years that followed, the fish. Asian Carp are an extremely dangerous fish for the ecosystem. A clear over population of carp is present and something must be done. To eliminate the over population of Asian carp, we need to create a market that.

Increased threat of Asian carp entering the Great Lakes and spreading to of Asian Carp - Significant work has been done to identify potential biological and Second, we will determine the efficacy of complex sound to contain, herd, and. Asian carp reproduce like crazy, monopolize food sources, push out native species and In , we released our Tipping the Scales report which had a list of. Solutions for the Great Lakes carp question. development of an Asian carp– specific poison (such a thing doesn't yet exist) "one of the best hopes that we have. But that is exactly what the state of Illinois is attempting to do.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed spending $ million to upgrade defenses against an invading force. The enemy? A fish. Report proposes steps to keep Asian carp out of Great Lakes Despite the benefit of protecting the lakes from Asian carp, the Army corps acknowledged its preferred approach could affect other wildlife . We recommend. On Monday, August 7, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released a draft plan for how to protect the Great Lakes from invasive Asian carp. If you think you found an Asian carp, freeze the fish in a sealed plastic bag, note the date and location, and call your local department of natural resources or.