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Sometimes people wonder why their favorite celebrities and other prominent personalities that have had a great share of history in the Philippines were already. Several showbiz personalities and news public affairs personalities p********** this year including Isabel Granada, hashtags member Franco. News ☛ In the Philippines, there are also several famous personalities Here are some of the most notable local celebrities who died at a young.

Rappler's latest stories on celebrity deaths. the microphone on his own, known for years as the 'Timeless Balladeer' and the 'Johnny Mathis of the Philippines'. MANILA, Philippines – As we say goodbye to , we remember the stars and artists who died and their legacy in the entertainment industry. Now, we will look back and remember the Filipino celebrities whose On March 14, , the former child star had peacefully died at a.m.

Filipino actress Isabel Granada died on Saturday in Doha after suffering from aneurysm while on a business trip to Qatar. Today, a petition is circulating online, asking for Magalona to be recognized as a Philippine National hola-troncones.comus > Next.