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How I have longed to draw you to Myself As when a hen covers her brood. But you went darting like chicks in a storm. How could you know that My wing was. Get chords for songs by The Goretti Group With Dennis De Souza Trio. " how i have longed" - goretti group & thunderbirds (trinidad). A2, –The Goretti Group And Olympia Thunderbirds · How I Have Longed, A3, –Holy Name Convent School Choir · Sing Out My Soul To The Lord,

Find Goretti Group song information on AllMusic. Goretti Group. Songs ↓ · Credits ↓. Song Highlights. Highlights All Songs. Title/Composer. Sing Out My Soul. E C#m G#m A B F#m C#] ➧ Chords for. music_noteChords for "Sing Out My Soul To The Lord" - Holy Name Convent Choir /Goretti Group (Trinidad). Diagram .