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It can be disconcerting to notice brown vaginal discharge in your underwear or when you wipe. But in the vast majority of cases, it's nothing to. Brown discharge before a period is usually harmless, and there are many possible reasons for it. Sometimes, it can be an early indication of. Various factors affect the color of vaginal discharge. Pinkish-brown discharge is usually not a cause for concern, but it may sometimes occur.

Spotting is the vaginal bleeding after your menstrual period and before your next period. It can be a pink or brown spot on your underwear or. This page describes the how vaginal discharge is normal & varies during your Symptoms can depend on the number of sexual partners, kind of sexual. Certain types of birth control can cause brown discharge during your period, or even between periods. These include birth control implants.

The blockage may be caused by anything from a congenital issue with the hymen , vaginal septum, or in rare cases absence of. “Brown discharge before a period is usually just due to a little bit of also most often benign) can cause light spotting between periods as well. Bleeding between periods, or “spotting,” can occur for many reasons. The cause is usually benign. Hormonal fluctuations that occur at the very. Brown discharge is caused when a small amount of old blood mixes with your normal vaginal discharge creating a brown tinge. The reason it's.