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The best wood for a good dark engraving is alder. Nice contrast ratio. When I need the engraving to stand out, I use laser masking tape (from. I am going to do some wood plaques for samples to show a client. On woods needing a darker image I will apply a laser mask material, engrave and spray. The test matrix on wood shows different color intensities from white to brown to To achieve even darker engraving results, set the Z-offset in the plus range and.

When laser engraving wood, a residue is left from the engraving process directly around the engraved areas. DARKENING OF ENGRAVING. Some of the engraving lines are only.5mm thick so burning would be tough. I was hoping the laser engraving would of burnt the wood more. What about filling the engraved area with a darker material, either The laser burnt the wood just right to provide a distinct contrast with the.

logowebb Dark Laser Engraving Bamboo . than darkening it, otherwise, you are only getting deeper into the wood, not darker.