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Savannahs come in many different colors. The African Serval is widely known for its vibrant golden coat with dark spots. You will also find smoke, snow, black. Savannah Cats are a spotted domestic cat breed started in the 's. The gestation period of the African Serval is 10 days longer than a domestic cat, meaning . Size of Savannah Cats is often exaggerated because they are taller, thinner. Ownership of a serval cat is illegal in many locales and requires licenses, permits , African serval cats are not on the endangered species list.

The website Small Cats of Africa offers an explanation of this exotic cat's There are many risks surrounding keeping a serval cat as a pet. What is the most expensive cat breed in the world for ? A hybrid of the wild African serval cat and a domestic Persian cat, The Ashera can cost as much as a whopping $, because it is an extremely rare breed. Servals for sale here at exotic animals learn about serval kittens and their habits. Servals. Price: $5, Name: Dona M Dougherty. Posted: 11/30/ Phone: () African Serval kitten available. 1 male. He is super . A Serval can easily be domesticated and are often revered by cat lovers. When raised.

african serval domestic hybrid cat savannah cat breed The Savannah Cat is a How Much Does a Savannah Cat Cost? How Big do Savannah. Each Savannah Cat & African Serval is priced according to the appearance quality depending on TICA Standards. All prices are subject to change depending. Many Servals that we have bred can also be seen in Zoos and Animal Parks The African Serval is the 5th largest cat in Africa and have a special beauty about . The Savannah cat is a crossbreed between a Serval African wild cat and domestic a pound African Serval in Uptown New Orleans, not far from the home of .. recalls the day a run-in with the pound cougar almost cost him his life.