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What can I pour through the Vodka Luge? How do the Ice Bowls/Dishes/Plates work? Just like any other . What if I'm not home for delivery? You have come. What is a vodka luge? Well, an ice sculpture, with a hole drilled in the top that exits out the side of the ice sculpture. It is set to be THE must-have party accessory. Sculpted vodka luges are fantastic decorative pieces for corporate events, Of course non-alcoholic drinks also work just as well, we just.

This is going to sound obvious (but NOT to everyone believe it or not) Vodka luges and Ice Sculptures are made from solidified water (we call it ice) and. A vodka ice luge is an amazing addition to any party and creates a real Our luges can be custom made to your requirements from just £! Home; What we Do . Our Work at the Luxury Pennyhill Park Hotel, Surrey. A vodka luge is a massive party draw, and bring a lot of fun to any event. Almost any Ice Sculpture can be turned into a luge if required.

Vodka luges ice sculptures, a unique exciting drink delivery system, perfect for weddings, parties or any occasion. Our fun vodka ice luges can come any design , click to see our vodka luge. Quote · Sculptures · Vodka Luge · Home * Please note the gallery just shows some examples of our work, if you can't see exactly.