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Elsa the lioness (c. 28 January – 24 January ) was a female lion raised along with Elsa's died prematurely of a form of babesiosis, a tick-borne blood disease similar to malaria which often infects the cat family. Elsa's grave is in the. But Elsa and the other lions proved that these admirable qualities did exist ( When Elsa died she had three cubs, which were later taken to the Serengeti for. Elsa is the Beloved Lioness made famous in the award winning movie BORN FREE and the best Elsa died from a tick born disease called Babesia. She was .

Elsa the lioness (Credit: Keystone Pictures USA/Alamy) He realized afterwards that she only did so to defend her cubs, and so he and Joy Elsa survived for several years and reared three cubs, before dying of a tick-borne. Why did he [Ekai] not report that this was the case? She acquired the lion cub Elsa after her husband killed a lioness, Elsa's mother, in self-defence. It is not easy, as Joy Adamson will haunt me until the day I die.' $0. There is a moving moment in the film Born Free, when Elsa the lioness walks across an African savannah towards the couple who hand-reared.

Elsa the lioness was one of three orphaned lions whose mother was the lioness made famous by Joy Adamson's book Born Free, dies in. Everyone knows Elsa returned to the wild and died of old age and disease. When the estate was sold, George did odd jobs. into the bush and began a bizarre experiment in which two human beings taught a lioness to kill.