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The Whopper is the signature sandwich and an associated product line sold by international The Whopper was created in by Burger King co-founder James McLamore and originally sold for 37¢ (equivalent to US$ in ). The Whopper is a hamburger, consisting of a flame grilled 4 oz ( g) beef patty, . Our WHOPPER® Sandwich is a ¼ lb* of savory flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and . Enjoy one of our famous burgers, Four Cheese Whopper, Ultimate Bacon FLAME-GRILLED BURGERS. Full Menu & Bacon Double Cheeseburger Cal.

Big King XL. Long Big King. Long Texas BBQ. Double Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Bacon Double Cheeseburger. Hamburger. WHOPPER JR.® Sandwich. The most important thing is their grilling is not your grilling - at the end of the process, their meat is stored in a warming device and then reheated - microwaved. Look who's here - THE burger to rule them all. A real meaty flame-grilled WHOPPER® beef patty, topped with tangy pickles, ketchup, fresh tomatoes, crisp .

Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, Kuwait for Burger King, within the category: Food.