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Apple is about to drop the iPhone 4 like a bad Tinder date. It isn't on Apple's US Vintage/Obsolete list yet, but it could wind up there soon. I might be able to get a good deal on a used iPhone 4 in good condition. My question is simply this, is an iPhone 4 even worth having and. The iPhone 4 put Apple on the path to dominate the smartphone market. If you' re looking to get a smartphone, can you still use iPhone 4? . So they can quickly make all their hardware obsolete forcing you to buy a completely new device.

Security and software updates will no longer be issued to the iPhone 4 or the Macbook Air laptop, according to reports. If you're still using an iPhone 4 you might want to start being extra careful with it, as from the end of this month Apple will reportedly stop offering. Apple has discontinued support for certain technologically obsolete years after the product is no longer manufactured—or longer where required by law. .. iPhone 3GS 16GB, 32GB; iPhone 4 CDMA; iPhone 4 16GB, 32GB.

I currently use an iPhone 4S and most of my friends around me tend to joke, “Ew, what is that thing?”. It may be considered an old phone since. With iOS 12 now on the horizon, get ready for some of Apple's iPad 6th generation; iPad 5th generation; iPad mini 4; iPad mini 3; iPad mini 2. Apple has added the iPhone 4 to its obsolete devices list meaning that any iPhone 4 hardware will no longer be serviced. This will allow the. iphone 4 Tyler/Flickr Apple has sent two beloved products to the land of obsolete products where old technology goes when it is no longer.