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Orchids are relatively easy to grow with the right conditions, but almost every Orchid Repotting: When And How To Repot An Orchid Plant. Determine whether it's time to repot. The ideal time to repot an orchid is right after it finishes flowering, when it begins to produce new growth. Others may be happy in the same pot for seven or more years. As a general rule, don't re-pot your orchid unless necessary. Orchids resent.

This means your orchid is too large for its pot and needs a new one. If your orchid's roots are beginning to rot, this is another sign that repotting. What do I need to do to repot my orchid? It's about 2 years old and is outgrowing its tiny pot. Do I need soil of some sort? Do I need to trim any parts when I repot. Orchid roots are overflowing the pot. The plant itself is going over the edge of the pot. Potting material is getting soggy and drains poorly. The ideal time to repot.

When shopping for an orchid pot, you'll find many types to choose from. Some orchid containers are more ornamental, while others have functional differences. Most store-bought orchids come packaged in cheap plastic pots with the roots packed in soaked moss. Obviously, this violates two of the main. Got an overgrown orchid? Find out how to repot it and give it space to grow, using this practical step by step guide from BBC Gardeners' World Magazine.