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I've gotten used to periodically opening up my inventory while in the field and sending all the collectibles to the bank but my trophies continue. A trophy is an item which generally drops from monsters. It can have one of several uses: Junk trophies are intended solely to be sold to an. We've got a guide for you as well! Post to look for / advertise a guild, use /r/ GuildRecruitment. Or is there a specific place i can put my trophies? but the inventory management systems in gw2 have never been great.

Trophy items (with text in grey) are all sold with the "sell junk" option at merchants . So I figure that, generally speaking, that's their purpose. 1 Quest reward trophies; 2 Challenge mission rewards; 3 Festival You can help the Guild Wars Wiki by expanding it according to our formatting guide. These armor remnants/pieces can be used to upgrade your hero's. most of them just seem to be a cool little gimmic, and like the crow one you could use it like on GW2 when you throw down your flag after killing.

Gift of Knowledge - Guild Wars 2: Weapon: Gift of Knowledge Type: Mystic item/ Trophy Game Link: [&AgHXTAAA] Used in. This is where you answer a few questions for the model to use as inputs to its profit of copper coins it's worth), with the more familiar GW2 currency format below it. in my "How to Farm Istan" guide if you're not familiar with optimizing your . in the green highlighted cell (Leather or Trophy as they're the most profitable).