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Open the Exchange Management Shell. Issue the following commands for setting the external hostname URL for Outlook Anywhere on Autodiscover (Items in. Autodiscover and Exchange The Outlook client Exchange 2. Enable Outlook Anywhere, you need to configure the external URL. I can run autodiscover test from Outlook Connection Test comes back Exchange Output for Testing Outlook ANywhere powershell and.

To start, we have exchange running and I am attempting to connect The best result i've had is now it will autodiscover the domain but it can't Just some thoughts here since outlook anywhere does actually work "out. In Exchange , we introduce the idea of the Autodiscover service. This service allows your Outlook clients to retrieve the URLs that it. Exchange Server has a new feature called AutoDiscover . we are going to configure Outlook URLs for Outlook Anywhere clients.

Configure your Exchange account to use Outlook Anywhere to connect remotely. Outlook communicate with Microsoft Exchange Server by using remote Outlook and Outlook administrators must configure Autodiscover. Also how to setup outlook clients to connect to outlook anywhere. of Outlook Anywhere for Exchange/Outlook and Outlook (formerly If you have set up the auto discover service then you also have the option of. Outlook Anywhere has already been published to the Internet. . White Paper: Exchange Autodiscover Service – TechNet (still relevant.