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Also it seems that being comfortable in switch would improve my regular skating. I just want to feel comfortable landing, riding and ollieing in. Think about it, how was it the first time when you learned to skate (normal stance) ? It is the same thing with skating switch. People think it's hard because they. Switch refers to riding a skateboard, snowboard, etc. the opposite direction than usual, in the opposite stance, and making it look normal.

The goofy stance means you skate with your right foot forward, while to ride switch, which means that you are going to want to try riding the. learning to skate switch. how did you get comfortable skating switch? . to regular, but to this day I still feel more comfortable riding goofy. Havent been skating for too long but i can ride around and im starting With learning to skate switch, when you are feeling comfortable on the.

In this video, you will learn an exercise to help you switch between regular and goofy stance on your skateboard. Rolling Backwards? Fakie? or Switch? Rolling backwards - Rolling backwards or rolling with your opposite foot forward has a few names. When riding.