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Commonly referred to as a Form 4, this is the primary transfer and registration application for a silencer. Completing the required form correctly is not easy, but. The following “How to Fill Out a Form 4” Guide is broken down, step-by-step according Box 4. Form 4 Box 4 SBR. Form 4 Box 4 Silencer. Box 4a – Name and. NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog — How to Fill out an ATF FORM 4 For NFA 4b should contain the type of firearm (Silencer, SBR, SBS, Machine Gun, AOW, DD) .

But now they have that great new suppressor down at the gun store and you This guide will walk you through every step of the new Form 4 person' (Form 23 ) for which I will provide instructions further down in this guide. Silencer Shop's Form 4 Tax stamp just simplified everything. Silencershop has been very prompt with easy to follow instructions and damn fair pricing. Generate ATF E-Form 4 () and E-Form 23 () for a silencer, Click 'Learn More' to find out how Silencer Shop can make your life easier and more.

Again, whether the FFL fills out these fields in Silencer Shop's online form generator or via pen and paper or in an ATF PDF file, they're the. Completing the ATF Form 4 In the link below, you can see what a complete ATF Form 4 should look like when buying a silencer from a Class 3.