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This guide will assist you in understanding rc drift tires, wheels, camber, and adjustments made to your car to help you become drift king!. So when i started increasing rear camber the car had more traction in the rear and took away some drifting action(remember i drift on mixed. Stiff springs will make the car easier to drift, but you will loose some grip. You adjust the camber of your rc chassi by making the camberlink.

How camber works is that when you drift there are several forces acting on the car. First there's the inertia at which the car is travelling due to acceleration and. RC cars have to drift through the corners, while you also want control of that Adjust inner camber link position more towards the center of the. Intro: Background and History of RC Cars & Drifting .. Step Two: The Camber – This has to do with the angle your car's tires make with the surface (road.

RC Drifting - Camber, caster and toe for drifting - So what are the optimal setting to drift with an rc car? I have a hong nor CD3 I will be drifting.