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In the past, automakers have tried to either eliminate the wipers or to control their speed automatically. Some of the schemes involved detecting the vibrations. Nowadays automatic wiper blades can be found in plenty of new cars, including the Buick Encore, which the GM brand is happy to tout in the. The rain sensor and light sensor ensure that you enjoy unimpeded vision at all times, come rain or come shine. The windscreen wiper speed is adjusted and the .

A rain sensor or rain switch is a switching device activated by rainfall. There are two main from rain and to support the automatic mode of windscreen wipers. Resets after off, then manually activate the rain sensor wiper when it starts drizzling. . There are a number of reasons why BMW want you to turn them on Working as intended, icing being a key reason for a manual start. Curious about how rain sensing windshields work or if your car has one? This system turns the windshield wipers automatically by detecting rain on the.

How does the sensor on the windshield work and how does the car know how much rain is falling on it? Just curious. Most rain sensor implementations employ an infrared light that is beamed at a 45 -degree angle onto the windshield from inside the car. If the glass It can operate the wipers at any speed. [7] BMW E39 Rain Sensor, YouTube, June 3, Rain-sensing windshield wipers provide a convenient, automatic way to keep the windshield clear in foul weather. Consumer Reports explains.