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Can you use front brushing boots like these on the hind legs if you size up? Or do you need to use ankle boots instead? Any recommendations. avoid injury. Read a list of the top most common types of leg boots. Brush boots can be used on the hind legs as well. They're commonly They cover the pastern joint and fetlock areas of the lower legs. They are not. Tendon boots protect the tendons in the back of the front legs from being struck by the back hoof. They also protect against brushing.

There are a wide range of brushing boots styles available, from fur-lined and grit getting between the boots and the horse's leg, to mesh materials to try good all-round protection, particularly around the back of the fetlock. Fetlock Boots: These boots are used to protect the fetlocks on the hind legs and may be used with tendon boots. They are also open in the front. Hind-Leg Boots: Ankle boots cover just the fetlock area and are often Bell Boots: These boots encircle the hoof and protect the heel from.

Brushing can occur on both the front and hind legs and is usually Although specifically designed to help protect against brushing, these boots. But yes the do have a certain leg they should go on. you can get different shaped brushing boots for the hind legs and some horses need a. Fetlock boots, for the hind legs, are shorter and only protect the fetlock. There is also something called jumping boots, which are slightly higher and intended to.