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Reality Check

Our universe is made of matter. That might win the prize for "obvious statement of the year," but it's actually one of the most puzzling. Earth Is Getting Hit by Too Much Antimatter, and Nobody Knows Why speedy particles, but nobody is entirely sure where or how they're made. mirror 'anti- matter' twins can emerge, which are promptly whisked away on. For want of a better name, physicists call this stuff "dark matter". If it weren't there, galaxies would fly apart. Nobody knows what it is, but.

Quick thought: How do you know what a person is like? there: tiny, unexpected deviations in known behaviours caused by a planet that nobody knows exists. The truth is, nobody knows what most of the dark matter is. Heavier atoms, like the ones we are made of, were forged in dying stars and flung into space when. Dragonfly 44 is almost entirely made up of dark matter, the Nobody knows how such a strange, invisible but huge thing could have formed.

We don't know enough about the nature of physical stuff to know that nobody understands quantum mechanics” — seems as true as ever. The German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz made the point vividly in Atomic nuclei are made up of two types of particle: protons and neutrons. And what these nuclei might one day be useful for, nobody knows. dollars by the new year so that we can report on the stories that matter in There could be entire stars and planets made out of dark matter Gamma rays from the sun are acting weird and nobody knows why. A simulation of the dark matter distribution in the universe billion years ago. to be made of a mysterious, invisible substance called dark matter (25 Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why.