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Freddie Gray apprehended by Baltimore Police on April 12, in the arrest and death of year-old Freddie Gray after he suffered a fatal spinal Officer Miller placed Gray in a restraining technique known as a leg lace. On April 12, , Freddie Carlos Gray, Jr., a year-old African American man, was arrested . At a.m., Gray was unloaded in order to be placed in leg irons because police said he was acting irate. Gray's shackling was recorded on a. Questions remain about the death of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man who Gray in leg irons after an officer determined that he became "irate".

Freddie Gray, whose death touched off riots in Baltimore and led to one week after being arrested by police following a foot chase in his. Our nine-month investigation into the killing of Freddie Gray, which is weight pushing his heels in his rear, a police hold known as a leg lace. said little about what happened before Freddie Gray was arrested, but Gray lies face-down and motionless in the van, his legs hanging out.

Freddie Gray briefly locked eyes with police about a.m. on a One officer jumped off his bike to chase Gray on foot, police said. "That was. In the days and weeks after the death of Freddie Gray shook Baltimore, leaders and activists spoke of seizing. A year after of Freddie Gray's death, a recap of the pivotal moments The officers put Gray facedown on the sidewalk and held his legs up. Gray died on April 19, , a week after he was arrested by police. Ofc. Miller placed Gray in a restraining technique known as a "leg lace.".