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Below are examples of the level of detail needed to support your request.) I am writing to request that Willie Mayes's position be evaluated for reclassification. In order to do this, periodically the need to reclassify a position arises. an example, below is a simplified process that can be adapted or serve as a starting . Sample Notification Letters - Reclassification because some of the new duties planned for your position will cause the position to be designated as sensitive.

If your job responsibilities change dramatically, or you step up your performance to a promotion-worthy level, it might be time to propose a job. This letter should contain the reason(s) for the reclassification request, a summary of key changes to the position, and any relevant background information. Subject: (Name of employee). Request for reclassification. Sir,. I presently occupy a position in the (title of present class of employment) class of employment.

Valid Reasons for Reclassification. Examples of significant change which may justify reclassification: ▫ A major function is added or removed from your position. I am writing to you on behalf of ____ who currently works as a _____ in the He/ She has significantly grown in his/her position and role in this laboratory since. classification or reclassification of duties. See A Step by Step Guide to Writing a Statement of . advice where a manager is considering reclassifying a job. When this position was last classified the primary duties and responsibilities An example of Program Assistant 2 positions located within Copy Centers that.