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Taking pictures of lightning in the day is more difficult than at night, because you also need to make sure that the surrounding environment is well exposed. Perhaps you've begun to master photographing lightning at night, but you've noticed that there are I will tray shooting during the day(with some ND filters). It's easier to photograph lightning after the sun goes down, because you can simply point your camera at the storm, open up your shutter, and leave it open until.

At the same time, taking a picture of a lightning can be very rewarding, and depending on the time of the year, might even happen as often as every day. Capturing lightning using a neutral density filter and long exposure. As many of you know, I'm an avid time lapse videographer, and the original. There are a lot of overlaps between lightning photography and fireworks Lightning can be photographed during the day or night, but some gear can help you.

I like shooting at different times of the day. It's fairly common to capture lightning after dark, but how about a bolt during the day, at sunset or. Lightning slices through a fiery red sky during a severe thunderstorm at . Shooting lightning at sunset or during the day can also effect the perception of color. How to photograph lightning: The best tips for getting the perfect lightning photos! Capturing lightning is more difficult during the daytime, as you won't be able. But, this time, I'm going to photograph lightning in the middle of the day. No, I don' t have a shutter finger faster than a western outlaw. And, no.