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Reality Check

So, I know you can either kill Jack yourself or let Lilith kill him. What I don't know is what I get from either choice. Do I only get the mask from one. Did Lilith really expect something like that to finish off Jack, because it was pretty clear The reason Lilith didn't kill Jack is because "This isn't her", as Brick said. Handsome Jack. Hello, I have a question: In the last part of the last story quest you can kill Jack, otherways Lilith finishs him. Which option did.

"You must find and kill Handsome Jack before he can awaken the Warrior partially to save Pandora, partially to save Lilith, and partially because Jack is a real. By the same argument, a lot of the bandits we do kill could fall under that Jack hunting the Warrior Vault so he could raze Pandora to the. "Let Lilith kill Handsome Jack" is an optional objective in the story mission The Talon of God in Borderlands 2.

This is an optional objective, but you should definitely talk to Tannis, Either kill Jack yourself, or let Lillith take care of him; Collect all the loot. Handsome Jack is a character in Gearbox Software's Borderlands video game franchise. . the player. Jack, defeated, may then be killed by the Vault Hunter; otherwise, Lilith will do it. With the aid of Roland and Lilith, Jack and the Vault Hunters then invade Helios Station, kill Zarpedon, and retake the station. However.