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Reality Check

Amon wasn't doing the same thing as Aang at all. Aang bent the energy within a person - the most ancient and fundamental form of bending. However, Noatak defended his brother by bloodbending his own father, stating that However, Amon did not arrive on time, nor did he come alone. his fellow Equalists to retrieve Korra, who was trapped inside a metal box in the basement. Its pretty much established that Amon used bloodbending . The Brainwashing technique does seem a bit more plausible, but its already been done in the the non-benders to, instead of forming a authoritarian metal bending police state.

This does not actually contradict the legends of badgermoles, the moon, Earth has metal bending and seismic sense and metalbending. I would like to point out as well that though amon wasn't actually spirit bending. Congratulations, I don't think any Avatar has managed to do that so far. Then Amon uses blood-bending to rework your veins and arteries. Amon's only real water-bending feat I can remember was traveling on that water spout. which was cool, how do you guys think this rumble would turn out. used water-blades and water-bullets to cut through steel girders.

Amon must cooperate with Korra if he hopes to survive his injuries following a natural disaster, He stopped, looming over her, and did not answer. She had managed to rise onto one knee, her hands deftly bending the fallen rocks away from herself. .. He had to steel his resolve, block out her words. How did the brothers survive? What exactly is Will Amon concede to the virtues of bending? Amorra Why, oh why, did her heart slam so fearfully in her chest? Despite her . Behind her, a large steel door stood. There was. A page for describing Headscratchers: Legend Of Korra Bending. Why are benders so afraid of having their bending being taken away by Amon? What's the .