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Reality Check

Hiring managers use job interviews to get to know who a candidate is, what their strengths are, and, perhaps most importantly, how they'd perform in the. Instead, he or she is looking for someone who works well under pressure the mistake of saying you're able to handle pressure without providing examples. I react to situations, rather than to stress. That way, the situation is handled and doesn't become stressful. I actually work better under pressure.

After all, everyone feels stress at one time or another at work. to provide specific examples of how you have handled stress well in the past. Yes, I can work in under pressure. As I have done it in my last job like if there is some shrinkage of team staff so I am ready to take my steps forward towards my. Working well under pressure is a good trait to have. However, I think if you answer that you work the same with pressure and without pressure, the interviewer.

Best way to answer Can You Work Well Under Pressure. Impress them with answers that show them you can work under pressure. Questions from. It's more than good luck or good genes in how you handle stress. Here's what to do when your stress meter hits the hot button. The ability to work under pressure involves dealing with constraints which are often outside of your control - these might be resource or time constraints, the. Similar interview questions: How do you react when under pressure? How are you with making deadlines? How do you respond when you need to deliver.