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We provide Filipino to English Translation. We also provide more translator online here. POST Script in Filipino is Pahabol-Sulat. You use it when you want to emphasize on something important and was not included in the TEXT BODY. In the old. What does PS mean at the end of a letter? P.S. Stands For POSTAL SCRIPT. It means afterthought or extra note. MonkeyLover-Dinda. Answered. In Filipino.

postscript translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. We do all know what, P.S. means, more of definition. Philippines of P.S. as " Pahabol Sulat" in Tagalog, in English refer as "The Catch. So, for example, the national language, based on Tagalog, is called not Filipino but Pilipino. The way this pans out in the streets is that people.

P.P.S. definition: P.P.S. is defined as an additional comment or "postscript" which is added to a letter. (noun) An example of P.P.S. is when a girl adds "P.S.: I love. P.S. Perhaps you'd like to check out 8 Instances of American English His works have been published in The Philippine Star and Esquire. If the Baraong Tagalog becomes out-of-fashion, somebody better elect this P.S. Perhaps you'd also like to check-out 8 Instances of Filipino.