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Tonight, or any one of these long December nights, you can find the constellation flies overhead around midnight and finishes up in the northwest at dawn. A large ring or circle of light around the sun or moon is called a She wrote: “I've caught lunar halos before but tonight was a first for me to. Tonight, the just past-full waning gibbous moon beams near two bright and beautiful stars, Arcturus and Spica. Sparkling above the eastern horizon at early.

The moon can produce interesting optical effects when conditions are right. The most common of which are moon rings, moon bows, which are similar to. The night sky tonight and on any clear night offers an ever-changing display . After the moon has completed the first quarter of its orbit around. Moonrise and moonset time, Moon direction, and Moon phase in Jakarta – Jakarta Special Capital Region – Indonesia for December When and where.

While stargazing, have you ever noticed a large circular band of light surrounding the Moon? If so, you have seen a lunar halo. A 22° halo is an optical phenomenon that belongs to the family of ice crystal halos, in the form of a ring with a radius of approximately 22° around the Sun or Moon. When visible around the moon, it is called a moon ring or winter halo. Rings around the Moon are caused when moonlight passes through thin clouds of ice crystals high in Earth's atmosphere. As moonlight passes through the ice. Tonight, the moon was full and the sky was clear. When I looked in the sky, the moon appeared to have a ring of light around it. The ring was.