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One of the greatest features of Windows Server is its ability to be a Domain Controller (DC). The features of a domain extend further than this tutorial ever. After you have installed Windows Server on a stand-alone server, the Windows Server computer into the first domain controller in. Your organization might still be running their Active Directory Domain Services on top of Windows Server based Domain Controllers.

Free instructions on renaming your domain controller with Windows Server Step-by-step guide through the renaming screens. Migrating from Windows Server requires organizations to decommission existing Global Catalogs and domain controllers to conform with. Removing Active Directory from that server computer, assuming that you have other domain controller computers, is a straightforward process.

Introducing new domain controllers running Windows Server R2 to a Windows Server environment is relatively straightforward. If you have a new server and you want to create a new domain, perform the versions won't be able to log on to Windows domain controllers (DCs), click .