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I don't really know why people are thinking of really 'large' negative numbers. They are less, but not small, which is not what this question is asking. And zero is . My dad says the smallest 5-digit number is , but my teacher says it is The dictionary says that zero is a digit. What's the right. Write the smallest 5-digit number and express it in terms of its prime factors. Solution The smallest five digit number is The prime.

The smallest 5digit number= The remainder when devided by 35= 25 and 25+10 is 35 Therefore the smallest 5 digit number that is divisible by is not a five digit Number. It is a four digit Number. We don't count this zero at first place because it is taken insignificant. So only Hi, We know that smallest 2 digit number is Smallest three digit number is . Similarly smallest five digit number is Here we use.

do you want positive numbers? cause if so then is smallest if negatives you can use if just non negative could you use Question from Knowing our Numbers,class6,math,olympiad,knowing-our- numbers,easy.