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Interestingly the image of the perfect female figure didn't differ much between the genders, but ladies preferred bigger boobs than men did. What do you think of the ladies in the above picture? Do you like them? Do you admire their current bodies? Would you believe me if I told you. Because it is so perfect, comparing a person, of men and women do not fit this image.

Find perfect figure Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, Related: bareness undershirt woman, sketched body, leg beauty care, . If you are working hard to achieve that size zero figure like Kareena Kapoor, then you are in for a rude shock, because size zero is passé. According to the class. The UK designer choose a curvy shape with a large bust when altering picture of woman in underwear.

The history of the 'ideal' woman and where that has left us .. Gibson drew images of tall, slim-waisted yet voluptuous women in illustrations for. Men and Women View the 'Perfect Body' Totally Differently (Photo: Frederick's of Hollywood) as totally different, and men favor shapelier figures on both women and men, whereas women prefer thinner bodies all around. are “oh-so-fabulous”! Here are 12 different body shapes of women for you to know. Body Shape. Image: Shutterstock Pinit . You have a skinny body shape if your pelvis and shoulder are in perfect alignment. You have a.