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Ah, the Goonies. You can't help but love it. We spoke exclusively to director Richard Donner earlier this week and, although the Goonies didn't come up during o. Mikey made inhalers cool - that's how cool he was. Astin may have been forever known as 'that kid from the Goonies' were it not for being. Before there was Stranger Things and Eggos, there was The Goonies and rocky road ice cream. Steven Spielberg's adventure comedy about a.

Those treasure-hunting misfits remain forever frozen in time on our TV screens, but the actors who brought them to life have changed. Believe it or not, "The Goonies" turns 30 today and the Richard Donner-directed classic, written by Steve Spielberg, is full of great young actors. Regardless, it's a nostalgic classic, so if you love The Goonies, keep reading for a look at what Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and their castmates.