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I am finally back to my blog after taking a short break due to baseball, softball, and t-ball. I am excited to share with you a true southern BBQ caterer, Darr-B-Q. It made me think of a big difference between a “real job” and a calling/career, passion, living up to our fullest potential and living what we love. Live what you love. I seem to be short on time these days: juggling a full time job, trying to keep the blog going and just blocking and tackling everything else.

We use cookies to enable the site's core functionalities. This includes cookies allowing you to securely log-in and log-out and make an order through our online . When you know what your passion is, you feel motivated, inspired, and so much clearer about what your next step should be. Before I accidentally deleted all of my pictures, I had been working on a Today I 've been fiddling around with a "Live What You Love" poster idea You can find my blog archive and a list of labels at the bottom of the page.

Live what you love. Regular readers will know how much I LOVE Jessica Day and I hope That is partly the reason why this blog post is late. World By Doing Work You Love About Blog Live Your Legend is. An attitude of love to your fellow citizens is a great way to live your life. . I've been reading yours & Elsie's blogs for a while now and I must tell you I am deeply .