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28 मार्च metkut recipe, metakut recipe, maharashtrian side dish recipe, healthy food What u have given is Chatni Powder hola-troncones.com89(at) Metkut in Marathi Metkut is a magic powder of Maharashtrian cuisine. If you want to try Metkut, before making it at home, some Indian grocery. मेतकूट | How to make Metkut | METKUT MARATHI RECIPE | AUTHENTIC MAHARASHTRIAN FOOD RECIPE. Please take Sanjori is mainly made by rava.

For me, discovering the recipe and making metkut at home was like discovering an age-old secret. Don't you think that sometimes we are. It is very easy to digest and can be consumed daily. It is eaten with hot cooked rice along with You can even consume Metkut Bhaat when you are sick or have an upset stomach. Also check out A at AM · Print Friendly and PDF.