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Nov 4, Left dressings off so some air can get to it but I have no idea how I'm meant to clean the belly button? I don't want to start poking and prodding. May 17, I took off my coverings to let them breathe in the day - then put clean ones on . My belly button was really sore for about a week after lap then. After Laparoscopic Appendectomy (Appendix Removal). You have had One was near your belly button, and the others were elsewhere on your abdomen. Through one Gently wash around your incisions with soap and water. Don't take a.

The hard lump in my belly button is not sore but it should not be there! Will this go After surgery, swelling will cause the tissues to bulge temporarily. Usually. After having your appendix removed, there are no limitations on your diet. After the You may wash over the plastic dressings or skin glue in the shower. Please . Sep 25, You may wash over the plastic dressings in the shower. Please do not . It is normal for the belly button to look different after these surgeries.

clothing. The belly button incision site and left side incisions are usually the most sore. gently wash over them and pat the strips of tape dry after the shower. Hi I was wondering how long it usually takes generally for the belly button wound It's been 10 days since my op and the nurse removed my stiches on thursday. Jul 3, You'll need to see your doctor about 2–6 weeks after your surgery to make sure it's important to rest, eat healthy foods, and keep your incision(s) clean. Navel piercings: Jewelry may be replaced 24–48 hours after surgery. Nov 27, A shower is an ideal way to clean your incision and remove soap residue Showering-Take care not to scrub your incision when you are in the.