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If you've ever owned a lawn tractor you've probably dealt with the issue of a broken belt. It's a frustrating problem that can be hard to repair. Learn how to replace the drive mower belt on a riding lawn mower. MTD walks you through the process of installing mower belts. Be sure to consult your. When the engine drive belts on your Troy-Bilt Model 77 mower give out, the only Use the appropriate socket to remove nuts that hold the belt guard in place. How to Replace the Drive Belts on a Troy-Bilt Pony.

Mower deck drive belt replacement is essential to keeping your Troy-Bilt lawn tractor running in working condition because the spinning belt wears down. The upper drive belt on the inch Troy-Bilt lawn mower is the only serviceable drive belt on the mower deck. It drives the mower blades via a pulley system. Pony lawn mower? replace the drive belts.