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Default lookup query uses the value instead of lookup Id To query by ID you have o setup LookupId='TRUE' attribute of FieldRef element. I'm trying to pull back values that are greater then 5 from my list. I'm using a lookup column that stores the numbers. That column is using a. I am trying to use a CAML query to filter items by user. .. if I have 3 fields I need to query against, can I put 1 field in it's own And statement and . Keep in mind that all lookup fields in sharepoint are stored as text, you can use.

Include your query inside a Where clause/tag. LookupColumn"/>

I have a CAML query where I want to look at an approver list and find the ID based on a set of criteria. Both BizUnit and Area are multi-select lookup columns. In my opinion you don't need it and it asks for two condition in it, while . Using multiple Forms instead of one large · Set a People picker value. CAML Query with Multiple Conditions We can use two conditions only with in Operator(And/Or), When we are going to use multiple condition. When using CAML query for querying a list with multi-lookup field it may get all the items that contain a specific value in the multi lookup field. Configures a Where clause to filter the results of a CAML query. Screen How to Start On On the SharePoint Type screen, select SharePoint Lookup. On the Lookup Details Default Value: A list of names in the specified list. Accepts Process.