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How to Shrink a Fitted Baseball Hat. Baseball caps typically come in two types: adjustable and "fitted" styles. Adjustable caps feature snap-band enclosures. So give your new ball cap a little wiggle room to shrink down to fit the contours of your splendid dome. If your hat is made out of polyester (like. If your fitted baseball cap doesn't quite fit the bill, you're going to need to shrink it. A fitted cap has a smooth back and contains your.

That's because hot water combined with the heat of a dryer can shrink polyester. It's a good thing to keep in mind when washing that old, dirty ball cap but it. Heads come in all shapes and sizes. So do hats. Unfortunately, the size of a hat doesn't always match the size of the head you want to put it on. If your hat is. Keep fitted hats from falling off your head by shrinking them down to a more Era Cap Care ยท Quality Logo Products: Shrink Shirts and Baseball Caps to Fit You .

The most commonly used method for shrinking of a fitted hat is putting It is very simple to shrink baseball hats by making it wet and allowing. My head is an in-between size. I want to shrink a fitted New Era baseball cap very slightly, by maybe a sixteenth of an inch. Google only seems.