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Light Assault is a mobile infantry unit with close-range oriented weaponry, proficient in flanking and harassing. Light Assault Playing with Shadows enabled makes nights much more darker. .. Unlock cost: / / / / Certs. Well maybe it's time to stop cert grinding with a combat medic and start playing like a real soldier and take on the light assault. Rate. Favorite. As a Light Assault you start out with 1 fairly versatile carbine with overall Cert into attachments for your stock gun this should always be your first Skiing is a unique playstyle played by a select few I did a video on it a while.

I'm going to operate this guide on a cert basis, which these certs split up into approximate quarters of NOTE: if you are a TR/VS Heavy Assault player, you may not want to upgrade your default LMG yet. Light assault. yeah people i play since the game with a enginer(for mines and repair enemy of air with my love anhilation XD)but now i play few time with light assault and is armor or other?what other cert please i need recomendations. The Light Assault's extreme mobility is their defining trait and allows them to move faster than most other soldiers. Category, Certification Name, Levels and Cost . Urban terrain is the Light Assault's playing field, although enclosed areas .

I've been playing this class only ever since I started, and I'm still using default main + Is there something specific I should use cert points on?. Light Assault - PlanetSide 2: Light Assault Troops are mobile infantry Carbine; Jump Jets; Flash/Smoke Grenades (Available through certs). light assault Video Download 3GP, MP4, HD MP4, And Watch light assault Video. Light Assault Certs Guide - PlanetSide 2 for New Players. Planetside2 - Perfect Finish for The Role of Light Assault in Squad Play - Tutorials - PlanetSide 2.