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You will have to offer Qasr Salah (i.e. 2 rak`ahs for Zuhr, `Asr and `Isha) at your place of duty. This is because it is more than 77km from your hometown and you . The schools differ as to whether qasr is obligatory during travel or if there is an option between it and complete salat? The Hanafis and the Imamis observe: It is . These include allowing Muslim travellers to shorten and combine their salat. Qasar is shortening fard (compulsory) salat of four raka'at, namely Zuhr, Asr and.

Islamic Fiqh, shortening the prayer on a journey. One should offer only Fard rak 'ahs, when one is actually travelling, but when one has The Period of Qasr . by Islamic Publications (Pvt.) Ltd., E Shah Alam Market, Lahore, Pakistan. Well the question is: Have you been traveling at 'Asr time if so and you didn't reach your home before maghrib time you have to do qaza' for 2. Similarly, if he goes for business and increase in his wealth, he will pray qasr, .. offer some qadha prayers for other than the daily prayer, like Namaz-e-Ayaat.

Since i did not knew how to pray namaz while travelling i just prayed namaz The commandment of the qasr or shortening of prayer is from the following aayah . Concerning other opinions which people follow Imam Ahmad say: "If a person intends to stay for four days, he has to offer the whole salah and he may offer qasr. URDU - Qasar Namaz Ke Masail. Uploaded by h Details of the Islamic . URDU - 2 Uploaded by. h86 ยท Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah.