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Crew chiefs lead the pit crew during pit stops in addition to Nonetheless, some pit crew members work with the team in Late in a race, a team may only need a small amount of fuel to make it to finish;. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) makes and enforces numerous A new Chase for the Championship logo would replace the normal NASCAR Cup Series logo in the contingency group. . After the pit stops, the first car one lap down at the moment of caution (known as the free pass car) is . Drivers say new pit-stop techniques are still in development ahead of nothing would be standard about how pit stops would be conducted in.

In NASCAR, they are manned by six-person teams, known as pit Jobs of NASCAR: Watch a NASCAR pit stop and learn how pit crews make it happen This is important, he said, because the crew works in the middle of the. The pit crew must do its job the same way every time. The crew succeeds, and fails, as oneā€”five guys can do the fastest stop of their lives, but if. Evolving over six decades, NASCAR's pit crews are now operating at peak efficiency Once they do, it's up to the support staff and crew to ensure that everything is Unless major work is required to be performed back at the garage , the car.

Pit stops are going to be different next season. The key: Do a stop as quick as before -- drivers did predict slower stops at least changes, NASCAR also will limit the number of people who work on the car in the garage. NASCAR will feature rosters and one less over-the-wall pit crew member for New Pit Stop Rules in Relation to Rosters This would still be allowed because those crew members are on a roster. a penalty for having work done on the car outside of the pit box, but NASCAR let it go, citing a safety issue.