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An updated list of Hollywood stars and icons who died in List of Famous People Who Are Half-Black, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Every year, more and more people are born of parents of different races. Deceased biracial celebrities listed last . father and an African-American mother , Charli was raised mainly by her elder half-sister, Yolanda.

was a rough year for celebrity deaths. in hundreds of ice cream trucks for more than half a century, died on April Afeni Shakur Davis, 69, the former Black Panther who inspired the . Juan Gabriel, 66, the Mexican songwriter and singer who was an icon in the Latin music world, died on Aug. 3. Singer and model Cassie: African-America, Mexican and Filipino 7. Singer Amerie: Half African-American and Half Korean. Hollywood needs to look more closely. These celebrities aren't white. Here are a list of 15 Celebrities Most People Don't Know Are Black.

actress, model, and singer, who represented Cuba in the His parents are Cubans of partially Spanish descent (her . Lainie Kazan (born May 15, ) - American actress and singer of half Spanish Sephardic ancestry. African American, Native American, and Spanish). Setting a precedent with an all-black cast in a tentpole film, Black records with an entirely Latino cast and helmed by a Latino director, is almost too much to bear. . The half Dominican and half Puerto Rican SaldaƱa was raised in New Jersey, but after her father passed away her mother moved her and. Some of the famous people who left us in include musicians Tom Petty .. George Taliaferro, the first African American selected in an NFL draft, died on .. Kinard, a former Ole Miss defensive back/half back in the s. The R&B sensation's name gives away his multi-cultural roots. The singer was born to a Mexican father and Black mother and raised with the.