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Another way to obtain it is to locate one standing in Underground Cabins within the Underground Desert. To use the Extractinator, first place it. The Extractinator is an item added in the update. you can now use Desert Fossils with the Extractinator to also have a chance of getting Sturdy Fossils. This is a very usefull item to get other ores that haven't generated in your world. I found an extractinator underground in NORMAL mode.

Yup plus you can find alot of Slit + Slush blocks, especially in my world since the cavern layer is blocks away from surface I can go in and. Extractinator Information Caption. It is one easy way to get alternative ores to the ones spawned in your world, i.e. Iron ore if your world. I have searched high and low in my expanded size map, and still have come up short of finding this thing. I was hoping to get it before going to.

On PS4 using the extractinator with either a bricklayer a building potion or both you Easy way to make money and get pre hardmode ore. If you can find an Extractinator, you can get Pre-Hardmode Ores and Gems by right-clicking it with Silt, Slush, and Desert Fossils.