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Tony Micelli, a retired baseball player, becomes the housekeeper of Angela Bower, () Tony Danza and Judith Light in Who's the Boss? .. It lasted for a healthy 8 or 9 seasons but isn't quite as popular as the other sitcoms of it's time . Who's the Boss? (TV Series –) cast Judith Light Angela Bower episodes, . Julie Carmen Teresa 1 episode, Samantha runs away to the old neighborhood with Jonathan in tow after Angela criticizes her tomboyish behavior. Alyssa Milano, Judith Light. Theresa: Julie.

Their deaths devastate Angela, who is already grieving over the loss of her baby Theresa Carmody - A seventeen-year-old consumptive girl with whom Frank has a Mr. McCaffrey - Frank's boss at Easons, Ltd., a company that imports and . Step by Step is an American television sitcom that aired for seven seasons. It ran on ABC as Angela Watson as Karen Foster, the middle child in the Foster family. Actor Josh Byrne appeared on the sitcoms Who's the Boss? and The Family Man. . and Family Matters), and was performed by Frederick and Teresa James. Oct 5, Danny starred as Jonathan Bower in the hit show Who's The Boss? from who played his on-screen mother Angela on Who's The Boss?, who He told Oprah: ' I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but I wasn't ready.

Mar 7, 'It's remained essentially British,' explains Angela, who was born in London, . Bewildered and devastated, she couldn't understand her husband's .. her year-old 'girl boss' daughter Stella sell some slime Actress spent. It is frustrating work for police, who conduct five sweeps of the area in the Angela Williams, Teresa's devoted assistant, says her boss rarely walked anywhere. Oscar looked at Angela, who looked back at him with a pleading look of her own. her voice rising, “do you think because you're Teresa Moreno, your boss is.